CHICAGO (AP) _ An elderly woman, known for helping needy children and the homeless in her southside neighborhood, died Monday, a week after she was doused with a pot of scalding water while she slept.

Police said her attacker, whom the woman had taken into her home, would be charged with murder. Clarence Pierce, 38, was already charge with heinous assault, in the attack on Carolyn Cochran, 74, who was confined to a wheelchair after a series of strokes.

Pierce allegedly threw the scalding water on Cochran Feb. 5 and ran from her bedroom. Police later found him with several injuries, including a minor gunshot wound to his side, said Officer Matthew Jackson, a police spokesman.

Jackson said others in the house apparently saw the attacker run from Cochran's room and chased him. Pierce was beaten, but managed to board a bus, where he was beaten him again, said Jackson.