Gas Prices Jump Nearly 15 Cents Per Gallon

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CAMARILLO, Calif. (AP) _ Retail gas prices across the country climbed an average of nearly 15 cents in the past two weeks, according to a survey released Sunday.

Legal Fees Rack Up for Delta, Northwest

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As Delta and Northwest press employees to take deep pay and benefit cuts, their lawyers and consultants are asking bankruptcy court judges to approve $59 million in fees and expenses for 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 months of work.

Futures Steady Ahead of Fed Rate Decision

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LONDON (AP) _ U.S. stock market futures held to a tight range Monday, with an interest-rate decision and commentary from the Federal Reserve less than 48 hours away.

Oil Prices Slip Below $64 Per Barrel

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VIENNA, Austria (AP) _ Crude-oil prices slipped under $64 a barrel Monday after the release of three foreign hostages by Nigerian militants eased concerns about supplies from the oil-rich African nation.

Ex-Enron Treasurer to Resume Testimony

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HOUSTON (AP) _ Enron Corp. founder Kenneth Lay told employees the company was sound in October 2001, a day after the company's treasurer says he informed Lay the once-envied energy giant was so weak that bankruptcy was ``inevitable.''

Life Insurance Offered to Cancer Survivors

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HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. will make life insurance coverage more accessible to men with prostate cancer, recognizing rising survival rates with early detection.

Japanese Stocks Gain on Real State, Tech

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TOKYO (AP) _ Japanese stocks rose Monday, lifted by gains in real estate, technology and commodity issues. The dollar fell against the yen as investors repatriated funds for the fiscal year-end this week.

With Estate Planning, Plan for Worst

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NEW YORK (AP) _ For parents with children who are minors, it's important to prepare for worst-case scenarios when creating an estate plan. Some might say the thought of both parents dying or becoming incapacitated while their children are still young seems farfetched. But the recent death of Dana Reeve, not long after the death of her husband actor Christopher Reeve, leaving a 13-year-old son, highlighted the fact that these things can happen.

Japanese Shun U.S. Beef, Eat Australian

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TOKYO (AP) _ Kenji Miyoda, savoring a bowl of rice topped with beef from Australia, raw egg and spicy sauce, believes Australian beef is far safer than American beef.

KarstadtQuelle Sells Dept. Store Assets

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BERLIN (AP) _ Struggling German retailer KarstadtQuelle AG on Monday sold all of its department store real estate assets in a euro4.5 billion ($5.39 billion) deal that it said wipes its slate clean of financial liabilities.