MOSCOW, Idaho (AP) — The details about an 18-year-old Idaho man's death and the two men charged in connection should be made public this week at a court hearing. The two men are making their way into Latah County custody after being held in Washington state, according to the Latah County Sheriff's Office.

Tim Reeves was found dead July 17 with a single close-range rifle gunshot wound to the head. His aunt, Renee Knight, said a group of teens was camping the night of Reeves' death and she has yet to be told by police or other family members if his death was an accident or not.

Keagan Tennant, 17, and Matthew McKetta, 18, are charged with altering the scene where Reeves' died.

Tennant is also charged as an adult with involuntary manslaughter and attempted murder. Tennant resembles a description of a suspect provided by a Pizza Hut delivery driver whose car was taken at gunpoint in Moscow following Reeves' death, Moscow Police Capt. Roger Lanier said.

Latah County deputies were on their way Monday afternoon to the Ferry County Sheriff's Office in Republic, Washington, to pick up the two men who waived their right to extradition hearings, Ferry County Prosecutor Kathryn Burke said.

"I expect they would have their first appearance within 24 hours of when they get here," Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson said. "Typically, the judge wants to see them."

Once McKetta and Tennant make their first appearance in court in Latah County, the probable cause affidavits will be released, and the details of the case will be made public, Thompson said.