ROSEMONT, Ill. (AP) _ The Rev. Billy Graham has criticized some television evangelists for emphasizing fund-raising too much.

''They are hurting the cause of Christ'' by emphasizing money and an ''ostentatious lifestyle,'' he said Sunday for the 100th anniversary of the Moody Bible Institute. ''I think our lifestyle has to match our work.''

Graham, during a news conference, defended his own use of television.

''I am on 18 evenings a year,'' said the 67-year-old evangelist, adding that, besides preaching the Gospel, he asks the television audience ''to remember us because television work is expensive.''

''We make our books public,'' he said.

The non-denominational institute, established by D.L. Moody as a Bible- based vocational school, has become a conglomerate of education, ministry, publishing and broadcasting.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Country music star Larry Gatlin is giving a helping hand to the nationwide Project Safe Place program to help runaway and homeless children.

''I think before we feed one more person anywhere, or clothe one more person anywhere, we ought to take care of our own,'' Gatlin said in ceremonies kicking off the federally funded project.

Gatlin said he contributed the song ''Runaway Go Home'' and music video to publicize the plight of runaways after he saw a Continental Trailways billboard in Illinois offering a free ride home for runaway youths.

The two-minute video will appear on cable television's music channel, MTV, Dorcas Hardy, assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said Friday.

There are now 273 federally funded shelters in the country, four of them in Los Angeles.


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Lady Bird Johnson has been released from a hospital, where she was admitted after fainting.

The 73-year-old former first lady was released Sunday from St. David's Community Hospital, said a nursing supervisor who declined to give her name.

Her office had said she was hospitalized for a few days of rest.

Mrs. Johnson, widow of former President Lyndon Johnson, also was suffering from an injury to her left knee after a fall Tuesday evening, her office said.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Authors Alex Haley and John Nasbitt provided the link between past and future as a medical complex opened its centennial celebration.

Haley spoke on the origins of his best-seller ''Roots,'' which traced his ancestry.

Nasbitt, author of ''Megatrends'' and ''Reinventing the Corporation,'' spoke of health care and its future.

''You are reconceptualizing now what hospitals are and what functions they perform,'' he said Sunday in a program at Mount Carmel Health that included dedication of a new medical staff building.

''Mr. Haley has made it his life's work to explore the knowledge we can gain from the past to make our future more meaningful,'' said Sister Gladys Marie, president of the medical center. ''And Mr. Nasbitt is intent on unfolding the future.''


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) - Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands discussed Pakistan's plans for preserving wildlife when he met with President Mohammad Zia ul-Haq and Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo, officials said.

Prince Bernhard, patron of the World Wildlife Fund, is on a six-day visit to Pakistan. He already has seen Pakistani wildlife sanctuaries and parks at Heleji, Lal Sahanra and Jallo.

Zia and Junejo told him Sunday that Pakistan has a long-term plan to preserve various rare species of wildlife and is trying to prevent indisciminate hunting of rare birds and animals, a government statement said.