LAS VEGAS (AP) _ The governors of 12 western states voiced opposition to a federal plan to store nuclear waste from the East in their region.

The Western Governors Association adopted a policy Friday opposing construction of a facility that would temporarily house nuclear waste until permanent storage can be built.

''The West shouldn't be targeted as a waste site and shouldn't be accepting waste that isn't generated in the West unless they've looked at eastern states,'' said Wyoming Gov. Mike Sullivan, a Democrat and chairman of the association.

Twelve of the association's 18 governors attended the meeting hosted by Nevada Gov. Bob Miller.

Federal officials hope to open a permanent dump for high-level nuclear waste by 2010 and plan to open a temporary site by 1998.

Yucca Mountain, 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas, is the only site under study for the permanent facility. Grant County, N.D., and an Indian tribe in New Mexico have voiced interest in becoming host to the temporary site.