SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Haight-Ashbury, the neighborhood that helped give birth to the 1960s make-love-not-war movement, won't give peace a chance.

City officials Monday rejected a proposal to place a giant sculpture of a peace sign at an entrance to Golden Gate Park.

The Art Commission deadlocked 6-6 on the proposal, which needed eight votes to move on to the Board of Supervisors.

Several Haight-Ashbury residents had protested the plan to install artist Tony Labatt's 24-foot-high stainless-steel sculpture.

Many argued that the sculpture was inappropriate, anachronistic and liable to become a magnet for young people searching for a lost era.

``This might be a sculpture anywhere else, but not the Haight,'' said Marian Halley. The symbol, which looks like an upside-down three-pronged Y in a circle, ``is a cliche, available in stores up and down the street. You can put it anywhere you choose, but it's not welcome in our neighborhood.''