LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A judge who dismissed a rape charge saying the case involved a contractual dispute between a prostitute and her client has been disciplined, the state Commission on Judicial Performance said.

The judge, however, said he had heard nothing from the commission.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who filed a complaint against Pasadena Superior Court Judge Gilbert C. Alston in May, said Wednesday that she received a response in a letter from the commission this week.

The letter, signed by Jack Frankel, director and chief counsel of the Commission on Judicial Performance, said only that ''appropriate corrective action'' had been taken. The nature of that action was not disclosed.

Frankel said he could not comment on the nature of the action because state law requires all disciplinary investigations be kept confidential unless they result in a recommendation for censure or removal. No such recommendation has been made in Alston's case, he said.

Asked whether Alston has been notified of the action taken, Frankel said, ''I'm afraid I can't comment on that, either.''

Alston said Wednesday he had not heard from the commission.

''I'm told she (Ms. Allred) has had some communication with them, and I have no knowledge of what that would be,'' he said. ''I have no knowledge of this thing that she's talking about today at all.''

Ms. Allred's complaint stemmed from Alston's decision April 18 dismissing a rape case against Daniel Zabuski, 25, of Alhambra.

Zabuski had been charged with raping and sodomizing a 30-year-old woman, whom he had paid $30 for sex, on July 10, 1985. The woman alleged Zabuski became dissatisfied, that he struck her and forced her to engage in sex.

Court transcripts showed the judge told jurors a working prostitute could not be the victim of a rape, and that the court had no business interfering in what amounted to a breach of contract.

Alston defended his decision, saying, ''The law was set up to protect good people - you, my wife, my daughters. This case shouldn't have been filed. A whore is a whore is a whore.''

Allred said at a news conference she was pleased at the commission's response, although she added, ''I would have preferred them to have made a public statement and to publicly censure Judge Alston.''