NEW YORK (AP) _ Disappointed at the silence from Paula Jones' attorneys, real estate tycoon Abe Hirschfeld on Wednesday withdrew his $1 million offer to settle the sexual harassment case against President Clinton.

Hirschfeld said Mrs. Jones' attorneys ``found it to the best interest of their agenda to not accept the money and bring closure to this sorry episode.'' He said he had not talked to any of Mrs. Jones' attorneys and his efforts to meet with them were rebuffed.

John Whitehead, one of Mrs. Jones' lawyers, said they were looking at the case to see if Hirschfeld's withdrawal may help settle it. He said it ``may make it more positive from the president's side'' _ if it was true that the president felt Hirschfeld's offer was an impediment to a deal.

Clinton, according to several news reports, wanted to disassociate himself from Hirschfeld's offer. The president's attorneys had no immediate comment.

Hirschfeld offered to give Mrs. Jones the money if she dropped charges that Clinton, then governor of Arkansas, asked her to perform a sex act in a Little Rock hotel room in 1991. The stipulation attached to the Oct. 2 offer was that the money go to Mrs. Jones and not to pay her legal bills.

Clinton has denied Mrs. Jones' allegation and said he doesn't remember ever meeting the former Arkansas state employee.