SINGAPORE (AP) _ Singapore's deputy leader said his country's crisis management efforts amid a regionwide economic slump will attract foreign investors and help the economy recover, a local newspaper reported Sunday.

The tiny island republic will lure more overseas capital and business because of its ``good track record in reacting to unexpected events,'' Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told The Sunday Times.

``Singapore may be in the same region, but we are different from other countries,'' said Lee, who has directed his country's response to the Asian financial crisis.

The government recently unveiled cost-cutting measures worth $6 billion to boost Singapore's competitiveness and position its economy for a rebound.

Workers will bear the brunt of the massive cost-cutting package _ which totals about 7 percent of the entire gross domestic product _ through steep reductions in pay and other benefits.

Although there has been some grumbling, few workers have challenged this approach. After years of successful economic planning nation, most Singaporeans seem ready to make the sacrifice.

``We must get used to the idea that the boom that preceded this crisis is over,'' Lee said.