NORFOLK, Va. (AP) _ Former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali resolved a case against his former attorney and former manager over control of his life story.

The $3 million lawsuit filed two months ago in U.S. District Court was withdrawn Thursday. In a joint statement, Ali, attorney Richard Hirschfeld and manager Jabir Muhammad said the suit was settled on confidential terms.

``Although differences arose among us regarding the matters placed at issue in this case, each of us believed at the time that he was dealing with the others in good faith,'' the statement said. ``We believe it is time to put our differences behind us.''

The settlement clears the way for Columbia Pictures to make a movie about Ali's life. The movie, to star actor Will Smith as Ali, is scheduled to be filmed next year.

In the suit filed Aug. 13, Ali claimed Hirschfeld and Muhammad duped him into signing away the rights to his life story in 1988 while he was in treatment for Parkinson's disease. Ali said he was never paid in the deal, which created a company in which Ali, Hirschfeld and Muhammad were the only directors with one vote each.