CHICAGO (AP) _ Less than a month after firing the editor of its medical journal over a published sex poll, the American Medical Association had kind words for him in announcing an agreement that will let him contribute articles to the publication.

Dr. George Lundberg was fired Jan. 15 by AMA President E. Ratcliffe Anderson Jr. after publishing the survey to coincide with President Clinton's impeachment trial. Ratcliffe said it inappropriately interjected the organization into a political debate.

The AMA and Lundberg issued a statement Wednesday saying they had resolved ``substantive differences.''

The statement said Lundberg ``intends to devote the same effort, skill and determination that he brought to JAMA for nearly two decades to critical medical and health issues, as well as contributing to scientific medical research and journalism, including JAMA, subject to editorial discretion.''

The AMA did not elaborate, and Lundberg and his attorney did not return telephone messages.

Lundberg's firing prompted an outcry from some in the profession who said it damaged the journal's credibility and editorial independence.

The survey in JAMA showed 59 percent of college students questioned by the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction didn't consider oral-genital contact as having ``had sex.''