Undated (AP) _ The last remnants of tropical depression Chris caused heavy rain this morning in southern Maine after leading to at least one death along with power outages, traffic accidents and train delays in Greater New York.

A woman was killed Monday night when an oak tree was blown onto her moving car in Mamaroneck, N.Y., police there said.

The storm downed power lines on New York's Staten Island, Long Island and six nearby counties, knocking out power to about 31,000 customers, according to utility company spokesmen. Most of the customers had their power restored by Monday night.

New York-area transit officials said tree limbs fell onto tracks, slowing commuter service during the evening rush hour Monday. Some trains were delayed up to 35 minutes.

Showers and thunderstorms were scattered today from eastern Massachusetts to southeast Virginia and the Carolinas. Rain also was widely scattered along the Gulf Coast and in Iowa.

The nation's high Monday was 109 degrees at Redding, Calif.

Today's weather forecast calls for scattered showers from New England to Virginia, and scattered showers and thunderstorms from the Carolinas across Georgia and Florida to the central Gulf Coast region. Widely scattered showers and thunderstorms also were expected to develop from Texas across New Mexico to the mountains and deserts of Southern California.

High temperatures today were forecast for the 60s over the northern Great Lakes and northern New England; the 70s along the Pacific coast, from the northern and Middle Atlantic states to the Ohio Valley, southern Great Lakes and the upper Mississippi Valley, and in higher elevations of the Southwest; the 90s in Florida and southeast Texas; and upwards of 100 degrees in the desert southwest and California's interior valleys. Elsewhere, highs were forecast to be in the 80s.

The nation's temperatures at 3 a.m. EDT ranged from 42 degrees at Custer, S.D., to 92 at Yuma, Ariz.

Other reports:

-East: Atlanta 72 fair; Boston 67 partly cloudy; Buffalo 57 partly cloudy; Charleston, S.C. 75 foggy; Cincinnati 54 fair; Cleveland 54 fair; Detroit 53 fair; Miami 81 fair; New York 69 partly cloudy; Philadelphia 67 cloudy; Pittsburgh 56 cloudy; Portland, Maine 63 rain; Washington 70 cloudy.

-Central: Bismarck 51 fair; Dallas-Fort Worth 70 cloudy; Denver 60 fair; Des Moines 64 fair; Indianapolis 51 fair; Kansas City 63 fair; Minneapolis-St. Paul 56 fair; Nashville 60 fair; New Orleans 77 fair; St. Louis 58 fair.

-West: Albuquerque 63 cloudy; Anchorage 53 rain; Las Vegas 75 cloudy; Los Angeles 64 fair; Phoenix 79 partly cloudy; Salt Lake City 63 fair; San Diego 69 fair; San Francisco 58 fair; Seattle 61 cloudy.

-Canada: Montreal 55 partly cloudy; Toronto 52 fair.