CLEVELAND (AP) _ A federal judge scheduled a hearing Tuesday to determine who leaked sensitive grand jury information to the media during the ghost employee probe of Teamsters President Jackie Presser and two other union officials.

U.S. District Judge George W. White also was expected to set a date for the trial of Presser, 60, accused of scheming to place several people on the payroll of Teamsters Local 507, including his uncle, who did no work for the 5,000-member local.

Among the documents leaked were portions of a sensitive prosecution memorandum, letters written by government officials about the case, and information about claims by former Cleveland FBI agents Martin McCann, Patrick Foran and Robert Friedricks that the payroll-padding scheme was authorized by the FBI.

Presser and union members Anthony Hughes and Harold Friedman are accused in the payroll-padding scheme. Their lawyers said media leaks before and after the 1986 federal indictment was returned ruined their clients' chances for a fair trial and have prejudiced potential jurors.

Presser, secretary-treasurer of Local 507, became Teamsters president in 1983 and was re-elected in 1986, less than one week after being indicted on two counts of labor racketeering, one count of embezzlement, and two counts of filing false government reports.

Lawyers for the Cleveland branch of the Justice Department's strike force against organized crime have consistently denied leaking information to reporters.