CLEVELAND (AP) _ Between family demands and injuries, Suzie McConnell Serio concluded that it was time for her to retire.

She had considered waiting until after the WNBA season to announce her retirement, then decided to go ahead with the announcement before Sunday night's game so she could bid farewell to her hometown fans.

``I just thought it's time to end my career now,'' the two-time WNBA All-Star guard said at a news conference.

The Rockers have clinched a playoffs berth, but will play their final regular-season games on the road: Tuesday at New York, and Wednesday at Washington.

In addition to raising four children, McConnell Serio said persistent injuries in recent years had taken their toll.

``I'm dealing with nagging injuries and rehabbing still,'' said the 34-year-old McConnell Serio, who injured her right foot in 1998 and her left foot in 1999.

She credited her husband, Peter Serio, with helping her career by handling family demands and telling her, ``Focus on what you need to know.''

Coach Dan Hughes admitted that he kept mum about McConnell Serio's pending retirement, hoping that he might have her services longer.

``I kind of hoped she would change her mind,'' Hughes said.

McConnell Serio was a regular starter this season and averaged 5.1 points. She ranks eighth in the WNBA in assists, averaging 3.8.

McConnell Serio, a Penn State product, helped the U.S. women's basketball team win a gold medal in the 1988 Olympics and the bronze in the '92. She coached at Oakland Catholic High School in Pittsburgh for nine years and won a state championship in 1993.