LOS ANGELES (AP) _ One more loss and the Denver Nuggets will claim ownership to one of the most dubious records in the NBA.

The Nuggets set themselves up to break the record for consecutive losses in one season Saturday night against the Los Angeles Clippers with a 93-77 defeat at Phoenix Friday night.

That loss equaled the record for consecutive defeats in one season, 23 by Vancouver during the Grizzlies' inaugural season in 1995-96.

Denver needed a rare win against the Clippers to avoid being on top in a category it doesn't want to lead.

If the Nuggets brought any hope into the game, it was because their last victory _ on Dec. 7 _ came at home against the Clippers, 100-92.

Since then, Denver's rookie coach, Bill Hanzlik, and five rookie players, including three starters, have left a lengthy skid mark on the NBA standings.

Injuries to forward Eric Williams, who's out for the season, and guard Bryant Stith haven't helped.

Denver, 2-38 overall and 0-22 on the road, also could tie the all-time record set by the Cleveland Cavaliers, who lost 24 straight games over two seasons in 1982. They could break the mark Tuesday night at home against the New Jersey Nets.

In addition, the Nuggets are trying to avoid the record for fewest wins in a season _ nine _ set by the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers.