LONDON — Prime Minister David Cameron plans to rush through new measures to give police and spy agencies the power to scoop up mobile phone and internet data. The fast-track bill follows a European Court of Justice ruling in April that said forcing data companies to keep records of phone calls, texts and Internet usage violated the right to privacy and the right to protection of personal data. By Danica Kirka. SENT: 300 words, photo. UPCOMING: Update by 1200 GMT.


BERLIN — A close ally of Angela Merkel says the German Chancellor is "not amused" by the latest reported cases of U.S. spying in Germany. The comments follow the arrest of one man and an investigation against another on suspicion of working for a foreign intelligence agency. German media have reported that the men are suspected of passing secrets to the U.S. SENT: 130 words.


LONDON — More headline-grabbing acquisitions are likely over the coming year as businesses take advantage of a period of improving economic growth and cheap financing. That's the conclusion of a survey by business consulting firm EY, which says the value of takeover deals announced in the first half of 2014 struck its highest level since the end of the boom years in 2007. By Pan Pylas. SENT: 500 words, photo.


PAMPLONA, Spain — A fighting bull gored two Spaniards and tossed several others into the air in a frantic fourth running of the bulls Thursday at Spain's San Fermin festival in Pamplona. A Navarra regional government statement said the two men were gored in the leg and another five people were taken to Pamplona hospitals for minor injuries sustained in the 8 a.m. dash Thursday. SENT: 210 words, photos.


PARIS — The body of a French climber who disappeared into a snowstorm in 1982 has been discovered on the slopes of Mont Blanc. Patrice Hyvert was a 23-year-old aspiring guide when he went for a solo ascent on March 1, 1982. Upon learning of the snowstorm, his father called for a rescue team but searchers were blocked by weather. SENT: 130 words.


PRAGUE — The Czech Republic is honoring its four servicemen killed this week in Afghanistan. The soldiers were among the 16 people killed on Tuesday after a suicide bomber struck Afghan and foreign forces in the eastern province of Parwan. SENT: 130 words.


BERLIN — A European Union court has ruled that Germany can't require the spouses of Turkish immigrants to show basic knowledge of the German language as a condition for being granted a visa. Since 2007, Berlin has required spouses of long-term immigrants from outside the EU wanting to join their partners in Germany to take a language test. SENT: 130 words.


ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Islamic militants fighting in Iraq to release 49 people seized from the Turkish consulate in Mosul, before the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Erdogan appealed to the group, which calls itself the Islamic State, during a Ramadan fast-breaking dinner late on Wednesday. Ramadan ends on July 27 in Turkey. SENT: 130 words.