Quotes from Sunday night's Emmys:

``Anybody can write a one-man show. All you need is one year, paper, pen and a messed up life. ... The Latin voice is something that is lacking and very missing in the media.'' _ John Leguizamo, who won the best variety or music performance Emmy for his HBO special ``John Leguizamo's Freak.''

``I'm speechless. Not really. My ability to act and the opportunity to work in this business is a gift, a God-given gift to which I am most grateful.'' Michael Badalucco, winner for best supporting actor in a drama for ``The Practice.''

``I'm not nominated this year because there's apparently a little rule that you have to have a show on the air. It's always something.'' _ Presenter Garry Shandling.

``Wow! My little boy said to me as I was leaving tonight, `If you win Dad, don't go, I won! I won! because the other players might feel bad about that.' Which I thought was good advice from a 6-year-old kid, But bascially all I'm feeling is: I won.'' _ Emmy-winner Thomas Schlamme for ``Sports Night.''