BRISBANE, Calif. (AP) _ will lay off 24 workers, or 10 percent of its work force, and eliminate sales of apparel and cosmetics, among other products.

Despite high traffic during the holiday season, the Brisbane, Calif.-based online retailer said Tuesday that the layoffs will be primarily in merchandising and marketing jobs.

``We're being very careful not to spend in this environment on categories and ideas that aren't working,'' said Chief Executive Officer Jeanne Jackson, who said that is adding designers and engineers to make its site more robust.

Jackson said, a joint venture between Wal-Mart Stores and venture capital firm Accel Partners of Palo Alto, Calif., will stop carrying some low-priced apparel and cosmetics and beauty items, whose shipping costs make them illogical for customers to buy online.

Higher-ticket items, such as electronics, jewelry and toys, will get more emphasis.