CAIRO, Egypt (AP) _ U.S. tanks, trucks and troops headed ashore Sunday along Egypt's Mediterranean coast, readying for war games involving more than 50,000 members of armed forces from 11 nations.

The Bright Star military exercises, held every two years, give nations a chance to get familiar with each other's equipment, tactics and training _ then put them to the test.

Some of the 18,000 U.S. troops involved began arriving with their equipment Sunday near the coastal city of Alexandria. Maneuvers, which formally begin Friday and wrap up Nov. 1, include an amphibious landing, missile practice and field combat training.

For the first time, Bright Star will also include a computer-aided command exercise intended to quickly transfer satellite images and other strategic information to commanders in the battlefield.

``Everyone thinks if you put enough guns there and you put enough troops there, you're going to win. But you have to have good command and control,'' said Maj. Joe LaMarca, a U.S. spokesman for the exercises.

Bright Star military maneuvers began in 1981 and originally involved only the United States and Egypt. This year, Germany, Greece, Jordan and the Netherlands are participating for the first time, LaMarca said. The others involved are Britain, France, Italy, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.