OMAHA, Neb. (AP) _ Rapper Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew canceled an appearance in Omaha Friday because of threats phoned into the Miami office of his record company, a spokesman for the singer said.

Campbell, who had planned to visit an Omaha record store to speak out about censorship of his music, was on a chartered plane en route to the city when the decision was made to cancel the stop, said spokeswoman Debbie Bennett in a telephone interview from Miami.

She said Campbell received at least a dozen threats, including one she described as a death threat on his private line on Friday. The man on the line knew the air charter company Campbell was using and what time Campbell had left for Omaha.

The man said, '''If the plane lands he is not going to leave,''' Ms. Bennett said, adding that she called Campbell on his cellular telephone to warn him and urge his return to Miami.

''He was very concerned,'' Ms. Bennett said. ''He feels that anything to keep a black man down, it will be done.''

About 100 people had gathered at the store to see Campbell. Omaha police had said earlier they had not received any complaints of threats.

Campbell planned the visit because City Councilman Steve Exon wants the city to prosecute stores that sold a sexually explicit 2 Live Crew recording to teens.

Explicit lyrics from 2 Live Crew have caused a stir around the country. A judge in Florida ruled in 1990 that the group's ''As Nasty As They Wanna Be'' album was obscene. But a jury acquitted group members of obscenity for performing songs from the album.

Many stores won't sell recordings labeled with a warning to anyone under 18. But Exon said the teens he sent into stores last weekend were able to buy a labeled recording at six stores.

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