NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) _ Seventy-eight American military personnel have died since Operation Desert Shield began Aug. 7, most of them in air crashes and accidents. Twenty-one drowned when a ferry sank off Israel. Two were suicides. Here is a list of the fatal incidents:


Dec. 22 - A soldier was killed in Saudi Arabia when the truck he was riding in overturned.

Dec. 22 - Twenty-one sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga drowned in the Mediterranean off the Israeli port of Haifa when the boat returning them to the vessel from Christmas shore leave capsized in rough seas. Twenty bodies were recovered; another man was listed as missing and presumed dead. It was the single biggest death toll from an incident related to Desert Shield.

Dec. 10 - A Marine died in northeastern Saudi Arabia of a presumed ruptured brain aneurysm. A Marine died from a presumed heart attack on the assault ship USS Iwo Jima after physical fitness training in Bahrain.

Dec. 9 - An Army private was killed in Saudi Arabia when the tractor- trailer water supply truck he was driving overturned.

Dec. 5 - A 20-year-old private with the Army's 20th engineer brigade was killed when he was hit by a truck at a desert base in Saudi Arabia.

Dec. 4 - A Tennessee National Guard lieutenant colonel was found dead from a gunshot in his tent in Saudi Arabia. U.S. spokesmen said he shot himself.

Dec. 1 - An airman with the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing's engineering squadron was killed in a vehicle accident in Saudi Arabia.

Nov. 30 - A Marine corporal with the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade died of an apparent heart attack aboard the USS Shreveport in the Persian Gulf.

Nov. 24 - A soldier from the 101st Combat Support Group was killed when the truck he was riding collided with a civilian car in Saudi Arabia.

Nov. 17 - A soldier from the 101st Aviation Brigade was killed in a truck accident in Saudi Arabia.

Nov. 9 - A member of the 3rd Marine regiment in northeastern Saudi Arabia was killed in his sleep when a rifle was accidentally discharged.

Nov. 8 - A soldier was found dead in a shower in Saudi Arabia, but an initial investigation ruled out foul play.

Nov. 7 - A 1st Cavalry Division soldier died from injuries sustained trying to free a truck stuck in the Saudi desert.

Oct. 30 - Ten sailors were killed when a steam line ruptured in the boiler room of the assault carrier USS Iwo Jima in the Persian Gulf.

Oct. 30 - A Marine was killed when his vehicle overturned in the Saudi desert.

Oct. 10 - The two-man crew of an Air Force F-111 fighter-bomber were killed in a crash during a low-level training flight in Saudi Arabia.

Oct. 8 - Two fliers of the Alabama Air National Guard were killed when their Phantom reconnaisance jet crashed in Saudi Arabia.

Oct. 8 - Two UH-1 helicopters from the assault carrier USS Okinawa, carrying eight Marines, vanished during a night training flight in the northern Arabian Sea.

Sept. 30 - The two-man crew of an Air Force F-15 Eagle fighter were killed when the plane crashed during a low-level exercise in Saudi Arabia.

Sept. 26 - A sergeant from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing died of a self- inflicted gunshot wound in Saudi Arabia.

Sept. 20 - A soldier with the 82nd Airborne Division was killed in a vehicle accident in Saudi Arabia.

Sept. 14 - An officer from the 24th Infantry Division was killed when his vehicle crashed in Saudi Arabia.

Sept. 11 - A machinists' mate died of natural causes aboard the USS Lasalle in the Persian Gulf.

Aug. 29 - A C-5A Galaxy transport aircraft loaded with supplies for U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf crashed shortly after takeoff from Ramstein air base in Germany, killing 13 crewmen.

Aug. 21 - An electrician's mate aboard the missile cruiser USS Antietam was electrocuted while working on the ship's ventilation system.

Aug. 12 - An Air Force sergeant died when he was hit by a military truck on a darkened runway in Saudi Arabia.