LONDON (AP) _ Dallas Bower, a pioneer television producer who also worked in early radio and cinema, has died. He was 92.

Bower died at his London home on Monday, his family said.

Bower began sound recording in radio when broadcasting was a novelty, moved to cinema and then on to television in time to become the first producer/director of drama and opera for the British Broadcasting Corp.

He also directed feature films and documentaries, and was associate producer of Laurence Olivier's ``Henry V'' in 1944.

Born and educated in London, one of Bower's first jobs was to record the soundtrack for Alfred Hitchcock's 1929 film ``Blackmail'' for British International Pictures. That year he also recorded the first all-talking British film, ``Under the Greenwood Tree.''

With extensive film experience, Bower was appointed to the BBC Television Service in 1936 and directed many plays, ballets and operas for the network. During World War II, he made propaganda films as an executive producer in the government's Ministry of Information.

After resigning from the BBC to make ``Henry V,'' he worked in more films, directing a successful musical version of ``Alice in Wonderland'' in 1951. He also produced the first 80 commercials for the fledgling Independent Television Network in Britain, 12 of which he directed.

Bower is survived by a son and a daughter.

A funeral service will be held Oct. 28 in London.