ATLANTA (AP) _ Hank Aaron, baseball's all-time home run king and the director of player development for the Atlanta Braves, says he's considering getting out of baseball to pursue business interests.

''I can't go any further in baseball, that's obvious,'' Aaron said. ''The reality of it is disappointing to me. I've been here 12 years and I'm still in the same position. Nobody's called me and said, 'Will you be our general manager? Our president?'

''Nobody's ever going to do that,'' he said. ''But that's America, and it's the black plight in America, and the black plight in baseball. I've reached my plateau, so it may be time to go on to another phase of my life.''

Aaron said there was nothing definite about the possibility of leaving baseball - ''nothing close to definite.''

Aaron said it he reaches the point where he wants out of baseball, he will first talk with Ted Turner, the Braves owner, ''because he has been very fair to me.''