COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) _ Timothy Goebel landed three quadruple jumps in his free skate program and edged world champion Alexei Yagudin of Russia to win Skate America on Sunday.

Goebel, of Rolling Meadows, Ill., is the only male skater ever to land three quadruple jumps in a performance. He has done it three times: at Skate America last year, at the U.S. championships in February and again Sunday.

``I'm way surprised,'' Goebel said after winning his first Grand Prix gold medal.

American Todd Eldredge, who bruised his back in a collision during practice Saturday, finished third, falling while attempting a triple axel.

Goebel skated before Yagudin, Emanuel Sandhu of Canada and Eldredge, who were in first, third and fifth place going into the free skate.

``Starting so early in that part of the warmup and with the quality of the skaters that were coming after me ... yeah, I (thought) I skated well, but you don't know where you'll be until after the last marks come up,'' he said.

Yagudin, winner of the past three world championships, landed no quads during the free skate, changing a quad toe at the beginning of his program to a triple.

''(Goebel) was the best skater today, and today was my worst skate,'' Yagudin said.

Unaccustomed to the thin air at the 6,000-foot elevation, Yagudin had trouble getting up speed to attempt the triples. ``I think I was a little slower because I wanted to save energy for the end,'' he said.

Sandhu self-destructed in the free skate, falling in his first two elements and finishing fourth.

On Saturday, Michelle Kwan won the women's event, beating American Sarah Hughes and Elena Sokolova of Russia.