LONDON — The eurozone's labor market appears to have stabilized, official figures indicate, another sign that the eurozone economy is recovering from its longest-ever recession. SENT: 1,000 words.


ATHENS, Greece — Before stepping out of his house, Asif Ali gives his route careful consideration. The 28-year-old builder from Pakistan blames far-right street gangs for three attacks he suffered in the poor area of Athens where an anti-fascist rapper was allegedly slain by a member of the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn. "I don't want to feel afraid but I do," says Ali. The weekend arrest of Golden Dawn's leadership was a swift response to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas. But doctors, activists and victims say the killing was the culmination of a recent spike in the brutality and brazenness of attacks by extreme rightists that authorities should have moved to stamp out sooner. By Derek Gatopoulos. Moved. 1,020 words. AP Photos.

With: GREECE-GOLDEN DAWN. Four lawmakers from the extremist right-wing Golden Dawn party are to appear in court. SENT: 200 words.


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis says he wants a missionary church with a modern spirit that gives hope to the poor, young and elderly, speaking as key meetings begin on church reform. By Nicole Winfield. 700 words.


SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Bosnia is holding its first post-war census, an exercise that is expected to reveal the effects of the ethnic expulsions that took place during the 1992-95 war. 500 words by 1300 GMT.


ROME — The Italian government is hanging on by a thread as former Premier Silvio Berlusconi tries to convince his lawmakers to pull away support for the coalition. Here's a look at what is at stake in the political turmoil and what could happen if the government collapses. By Frances D'Emilio, 600 words by 1400 GMT


MOSCOW — A Russian election monitoring organization says that the country's Justice Ministry has shut down its regional arm for three months for failing to register as a "foreign agent." 130 words.


MOSCOW — Russia's foreign minister says "reasonable" representatives of the armed opposition to Syrian President Bashar Assad could take part in prospective peace talks with the regime. SENT: 130 words.


LONDON — A war of words between Britain's Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and the conservative Daily Mail newspaper has moved beyond politics into more personal territory with a blistering attack on Miliband's late father. By Gregory Katz. SENT: 300 words.



AMSTERDAM — European regulators appeared to be nearing a settlement with Google in their probe over whether the Internet search and advertising giant is unfairly stifling competition. SENT: 900 words.


VATICAN CITY — The Vatican takes another step in its efforts to be more financially transparent by publishing a first-ever annual report for the Vatican bank on Tuesday. It comes as Italian prosecutors investigate alleged money-laundering there, a Vatican monsignor remains in detention and the pope himself probes the problems that have brought such scandal to the institution. By Nicole Winfield. SENT: 750 words.


FRANKFURT, Germany — Will the European Central Bank unleash another flood of cheap credit to hold down interest rates and support a shaky recovery? Market participants are awaiting more clues from ECB President Mario Draghi at a meeting Wednesday of the bank's governing council in Paris. By David McHugh. 600 words by 1300 GMT



LONDON — Barcelona heads to Celtic looking to avoid a repeat of last season's shock defeat in Glasgow while Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund will be desperate to bounce back from opening-week losses in the second round of matches in the Champions League group stage. 750 words. By Samuel Petrequin. Expected by 2100 GMT. Separate reports on all eight group games.