DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — It seems everyone wants to weigh in on President Donald Trump's dis of NBA star LeBron James — even those you'd think would have nothing to say on the subject. Like former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (ah-muh-DEE'-neh-zhahd). The former hardline leader has commented on the matter on Twitter — which is interesting because Twitter is banned in Iran. Ahmadinejad comes to the defense of James after Trump insulted the basketball star's intelligence. The former Iranian leader said everybody, especially a president, "should love all." On Friday night, Trump tweeted to question James' intelligence after he gave an interview to CNN and criticized Trump.


GARDEN CITY, Mich. (AP) — What began as a story about a wild turkey — is now a wild story about a wild turkey. A man who lives in suburban Detroit has been fined for having a wild turkey live in his back yard. Mark Johnston of Garden City, Michigan was hit with a $100 levy for harboring the bird. He had another C-note tacked on his fine for dumping brush on the curb after cleaning up his backyard in an effort to get the 30-pound turkey to leave. Johnston was able to get out of the fine for having a turkey as a pet — because the bird came on its own and wasn't harbored as a pet. Johnston is trying to get the other fine wiped out. Meanwhile, he says, the turkey is welcome to stay on his property as long as it wants.


BOISE, Idaho (AP) — You've heard of someone getting someone's goat. Here's a case in which someone got about 100 goats — because they were theirs. We'll explain. In Boise, Idaho, there's a company called We Rent Goats — and they, well, rent goats to people who want the animals to eat weeds or other overgrowth. The goats had been let loose near a retention pond to chew up the vegetation. They literally found the grass greener on the other side — and busted through a wooden fence to head for other yards. Eventually, the goat renters were able to herd the animals into their truck and get them out of the area.


HONOLULU (AP) — A judge in Hawaii has stripped an apartment in Oahu of its residents — because they like to strip. The judge sided with the property manager of a rental home known as Freedom House who said the nudists made a pest of themselves by holding loud parties, practicing naked yoga and disturbing the peace. One of the nude neighbors says fellow residents are retaliating because they don't like people with alternative lifestyles — and because the nudists have complained to the owners about the home's condition. Says Amy Highmoor, "This is my religion and I have a right to be nude. I am not offensive."

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II