LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Tabloid gossip isn't as funny as it used to be for Antonio Banderas.

``For a while, we were tacking up the stories on the wall,'' said the actor, who is married to actress Melanie Griffith. ``Melanie rolls on the floor laughing about this stuff. I don't. She doesn't pay the least bit of attention to that. Me, it hurts.''

Banderas, who makes his directorial debut in the movie ``Crazy in Alabama,'' said the couple are concentrating these days on their daughter, Stella.

``In the 18 months since she came into the world, I've learned more from her than she's learned from me,'' Banderas said in the August issue of Movieline. ``They ask so directly for everything that it doesn't matter what you think you were going to do or what you want to do, your baby tells you, `I want you, right now.'''