LOD, Israel (AP) _ Thousands of tourists were stranded for several hours Thursday at Israel's international airport as striking workers refused to repair routine system breakdowns.

In the second day of a strike by government workers, garbage piled up in Israel's cities and other services were disrupted.

The walkout could broaden next week if the Finance Ministry doesn't yield to workers' wage demands, the Histadrut Trade Union Federation warned.

Cargo was piling up at seaports and garbage accumulated on city sidewalks.

At Israel's airport, processing of passengers ground to a halt though airline workers themselves stayed on the job.

After several hours, the technicians returned to work and the backlog began to ease.

Civilian employees of defense industries and administrative employees of universities and colleges joined the strike Thursday and bank and public transportation workers will be asked to join next week if the wage dispute isn't resolved, said a strike organizer.

The public sector's collective bargaining agreement expired in September. The Finance Ministry wants to cap the rises at 3.1 percent for the last three months of 1998 and an additional 0.7 percent for 1999. The Histadrut wants a wage rise of 7 percent for late 1998 and an additional 4 percent for 1999.