WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N.M. (AP) _ A Patriot missile intercepted and destroyed an F-4 remote-control fighter plane using radar-jamming signals Monday. A second Patriot failed to hit an incoming missile.

The two tests of the Pac-3 lasted 12 minutes Monday morning, White Sands Missile Range spokesman Jim Eckles said.

``It was a partial success,'' he said. ``The Pac-3 successfully shot down the F-4, which was engaged in jamming (and) flying at low altitude.''

The two tests were conducted simultaneously, with ``four items in the air at the same time _ two Pac-3s each flying against separate targets. One Pac-3 hit its target, and the other Pac-3 missed its target,'' he said.

The F-4 test was the first time the Army had fired its latest-generation Patriot at a fighter airplane.

The other Patriot test firing was aimed at a Hera target missile which was designed to simulate an incoming ballistic missile for the purposes of the test.

The dual flight test was the 10th in a series for the Pac-3.

The Pac-3, short for Patriot advanced capability, is meant to destroy targets by colliding with them at high speed, rather than using an explosive warhead. It is designed to defend against tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and enemy aircraft.

The previous nine flight tests, involving only target missiles or drones, were successful, Army officials have said.