The Environmental Protection Agency's fuel economy ratings for 2001 model cars, vans, light trucks and specialty vehicles.

The first column gives the manufacturer and the model; the second column shows miles per gallon in city driving; the third column shows miles per gallon in highway driving. The fourth column shows combined city/highway driving.

The fifth column shows the engine displacement in liters and the number of cylinders.

The sixth column shows the type of transmission and the number of gears. ``A'' means an automatic transmission; ``L'' automatic with a fuel-saving device that eliminates slippage; ``M'' manual transmission; ``S'' semi-automatic; and ``C'' creeper gear, an especially low gear.

For example, ``A4'' means a four-speed automatic transmission; ``M5'' five-speed manual; ``L3'' a three-speed automatic with an anti-slippage feature.

The seventh column shows fuel information, ``R'' means the vehicle uses regular grade gasoline; ``P'' means it requires premium grade fuel; ``D''; means it is a diesel engine; and ``G'' means it is subject to the gas-guzzler tax.

The mileage tests are conducted by the manufacturer with about 30 percent confirmed in separate tests by the EPA. Some manufacturers may not have completed tests in time and their cars are not listed.

Designation (1) in a small number of vehicles indicates cars are sold only in Puerto Rico.

The EPA did not provide a fuel cost estimate for each vehicle as it had in some previous years.