Below are the Nebraska member exchange stories for the weekend of Jan. 6 and Jan. 7. The stories have moved in advance and will move again on the appropriate days. Members using Exchange stories should retain the bylines and newspaper credit lines. If you have questions, please contact News Editor Scott McFetridge at 515-243-3281.

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Lincoln's Parks and Recreation Department's slim staffing was part of a recent City Council discussion after several residents filed claims for damage caused by limbs, or whole trees, which fell during the late August windstorm. The city expects to cut about 1,000 ash trees a year, remove their stumps and plant replacement trees to keep ahead of the disease, which kills trees quickly. The budget for the ash tree program will be about $1 million a year. By Nancy Hicks, Lincoln Journal Star. SENT IN ADVANCE: 919 words.


LINCOLN, Neb. — A political battle over beer is headed for another round, and there's hope that this time, it will be more congenial. Last year, craft brewers and liquor distributors conducted a contentious tug of war, both in the Nebraska Legislature and within the State Liquor Control Commission, over how exactly brews produced by the state's expanding breweries could be distributed. That ended with a stalemate on the floor of the Legislature. The two sides are hoping to compromise to clarify state rules. By Paul Hammel, Omaha World-Herald. SENT IN ADVANCE: 716 words.

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. —Improving early childhood education is the goal of a state program that works with day care providers. The program, Step Up to Quality, is operated through a partnership of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education. By Job Vigil, North Platte Telegraph. SENT IN ADVANCE: 790 words.


BOW VALLEY, Neb. — The North Crick Lodge opened in March, and from May through August, the vacation getaway was booked solid. Believed to be one of the oldest houses, if not the oldest, in Bow Valley, it has served many residents over the years. Krie convinced her husband it could be a great destination location for people passing through the area. In their "spare" hours, the couple renovated the 800-square-foot main floor. By Linda Wuebben, Norfolk Daily News. SENT IN ADVANCE: 649 words.