NEW YORK (AP) _ The NBA canceled the final 90 preseason games today because of stalled labor negotiations with the players union.

``At this point, our teams cannot possibly be ready to play any games before November,'' deputy commissioner Russ Granik said in a statement. ``It's sad that we have been unable to have any meaningful negotiations.''

The next collective bargaining session is set for Oct. 8. The league said decisions concerning possible cancellation of regular-season games would be made next week.

The league earlier had canceled 24 games.

Union officials had no immediate response to the decision.

When they finally meet again, the sides will have only a few days to strike a deal that would preserve an 82-game schedule.

Once a new agreement is reached, it will take at least three weeks to sign players, make trades and hold abbreviated training camps. So unless a deal can be completed a few days after the sides reconvene, there appears to be no way the season can start on its scheduled date of Nov. 3.

The owners made their latest proposal 10 days ago, still calling for a system with an absolute ceiling on salaries _ or a ``hard'' salary cap. The union said the owners included 16 pages of new demands that hadn't been discussed in any previous meetings.

``Our proposals would result in an average player salary of more than $3.1 million and a minimum salary for 10-year veterans of $750,000,'' Granik said. ``Unfortunately, the union leadership has been unwilling to give any serious consideration to what we have offered.''

But a quick settlement seems extremely unlikely with the parties so far apart on the main economic issue.

Both sides await a ruling from arbitrator John Feerick on the union's grievance over whether players with guaranteed contracts should be paid during the lockout. Feerick's decision could come at any time before Oct. 19.