SEATTLE (AP) _ At the request of the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing Co. has agreed to delay until early June its announcement of plans for revamping America's air traffic management system.

A person familiar with the discussions, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said Boeing delayed releasing details of its plan in the interest of maintaining a strong working relationship with the FAA.

Boeing is talking to the FAA ``at the highest levels,'' the person said, and does not want to upstage the FAA, which plans to release its own outline for improving the nation's air traffic system soon.

Boeing spokeswoman Debbie Nomaguchi declined to comment on whether the announcement had been delayed because of discussions with the FAA.

FAA spokesman Frasier Jones confirmed the FAA is planning to release specifics on how it will improve the nation's overburdened air traffic control system sometime in the next few weeks.

Jones said the FAA also had been briefed on Boeing's plans and had asked for more information.

Boeing formed a business unit in November with the goal of developing its own system for air traffic management. Boeing has released few details on its plan, beyond to say it will rely on satellites.

The FAA has been mum on elements of its plan.

Nomaguchi said Boeing supports the FAA's efforts to improve the nation's overburdened system.

``We have talked about how our proposal builds on the FAA's plans and we think they're very compatible,'' Nomaguchi said. ``We support their plan. We think it ought to be implemented right away.''

But, she said, Boeing believes its plan is key to improving air traffic management _ thus reducing airport congestion and frustrating, costly delays.

``If we're looking at long-term significant capacity growth for the air traffic management system, that requires some of the concepts that we are working on,'' she said.


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