MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Mexico's president plans to seek congressional approval for a 1 1/2-year-old peace proposal in an effort to break a deadlock in negotiations with leftist rebels.

President Ernesto Zedillo is summoning a commission that negotiated with the rebels in the violence-torn Chiapas state to revise the agreement, Interior Secretary Francisco Labastida Ochoa said Sunday.

That came a day after the governor of Chiapas announced a separate peace initiative for the state.

The Zapatista National Liberation Army has refused to resume talks until the government implements the accords signed in August 1996 that would give Indians partial autonomy and help protect their culture.

Zedillo's administration objected to wording it said could lead to segregating Indians from other Mexicans.

The Zapatistas have not said whether they would accept a revised agreement.