EATONTOWN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2018 /American CryoStem Corporation (OTC PINK: CRYO) a leading strategic developer, marketer and global licensor of patented adipose tissue-based cellular technologies for the Regenerative and Personalized Medicine industries, today announced receipt of Patent No. US 10,014,079 B2 "Business Method for Collecting, Processing, Cryogenic Storage, and Distribution of a Biologic Sample Material"from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for U.S. patent application 13/702.304 covering the Company's methods of Collection, Processing, Cryogenic Storage and Distribution of adipose tissue and adipose derived stem cells.

Management believes that the granted claims protect the Company's long term scientific investment into the creation of a standardized approach for the creation of cellular therapies aimed at the global regenerative and cellular therapy market. The Company is focused on using these patented technologies to further support CRYO's current tissue banking services, international licensee partner's platforms and submission of future autologous stem cell clinical studies to the US FDA as the gold standard for the harvesting, processing and return of a patient's autologous stem cells.

The Business Method patent was developed to protect CRYO's core technology platform; collect, process, store and return of stem cell samples to physicians at the "point of care". The Claims cover the Company's developed proprietary materials including its CELLECT® collection kits, transport mediums, cryopreservation medium and proprietary shipping methods designed for both autologous and non-autologous biologic samples. This granted patent is the second of CRYO's three core technology patent filings that when viewed together cover the Company's business model, methods and materials that have been designed to support expansion of the delivery of the high quality cellular therapy samples to the rapidly growing cellular therapy market.

John Arnone, CEO stated, "We are pleased that we have achieved this milestone with the issuance of this patent. CRYO recognizes that in today's global marketplace, patent protection is an important part of overall business and intellectual property strategy. CRYO's strategy is to create barriers to entry that help the Company carve out areas of exclusivity in the global marketplace. CRYO believes that patent protection remains a vital component in driving business value." Arnone further stated "the Company employs an open specification strategy allowing CRYO to file improvements and newly discovered matter associated with our original core patents. This overall patent strategy provides the Company with additional and continuous protection in that any infringement of any individual Core patent will likely result in infringement of the associated patents for the required materials and additional methods required to implement the business method."

Anthony Dudzinski, COO stated, "This is the culmination of many years of laboratory work and significant investment in our research to streamline the platform." He continued, " When viewed collectively with our other patent filings, this granted patent is further evidence of our collective goal of consistently producing the highest quality cellular products using our processing methods and materials which we believe is necessary to support future regenerative and personalized medicine applications and assist CRYO in obtaining the required approvals through FDA product application filings. We believe that this is a major development for the protection of our technology."

Management believes the value of the Company's platform and products are significantly enhanced with each grant of claims within our existing patent portfolio which we believe will ultimately enhance shareholder value. The Company also believes that this is the second of the three major patents that cover our processes and materials from the origination of a harvested sample (CELLECT collection kits) to the final preparation and delivery of cellular therapy samples to physicians for use in approved cellular therapy applications. We have filed a Continuation and are planning additional Continuation in Part filings to further protect our intellectual property, and development of improvements and new methodologies.

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