HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) _ Joe DiMaggio lapsed into a coma after his temperature shot up to 102 degrees and he is not responding to medicine, his doctor said Friday.

``His outlook is very poor,'' Dr. Earl Barron said, pointing to a recurrence of the fever and worsening pneumonia that has clouded the overall health picture of the baseball Hall of Famer.

``I don't know how long but I would guess not very,'' Barron said.

The latest setback comes after doctors drained fluid from his lungs Thursday and said congestion in the lungs had improved.

But Barron said a CAT scan of his chest showed that his pneumonuia had worsened and his fever had returned.

``We've stopped all sedation because it is no longer necessary,'' said Barron. ``He's unconscious because of the disease.''