LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Actor Tom Cruise and actress-wife Mimi Rogers are calling it quits after nearly three years of marriage.

''We have decided to file for divorce,'' the couple said Tuesday in a joint statement from publicist Andrea Jaffe.

Cruise, 27, and Miss Rogers, 33, were married May 9, 1987, with actor Emilio Estevez as best man.

''While there have been very positive aspects to our marriage, there were some issues which could not be resolved even after working on them for a period of time,'' the couple's statement said, without elaboration.

Cruise, star of the movie ''Top Gun,'' ''The Color of Money,'' ''Taps,'' ''The Outsiders,'' ''Risky Business,'' ''Rain Man'' and the current box- office hit ''Born on the Fourth of July,'' added a personal statement.

''This has been a time when I have been the focus of much attention,'' he said. ''When I was asked direct questions by the press about my marriage, I felt that to compromise our privacy was to compromise a basic trust.

''I hope that can be understood.''

Miss Rogers starred in the movies ''Gung Ho,'' ''Streetwise'' and ''Someone to Watch Over Me.''

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Bjorn Borg went to court Tuesday to face an $82 million business lawsuit in the first of five cases the former tennis star has scheduled for this year.

Borg's other cases involve three libel actions and a custody battle with the mother of his 4-year-old son, Robin, the Swedish news agency TT said.

The multimillion dollar lawsuit was brought by Lars Skarke, Borg's former partner and managing director of the Bjorn Borg Design Group, a fashion business that went bankrupt last summer. Skarke claims Borg violated a shareholder agreement.

''Borg denies all allegations. If anyone has caused damage it is Skarke. He has caused the company great damage through managing it miserably,'' Borg's lawyer, Henning Sjostrom, told TT.

Next week Borg is bringing a $600,000 lawsuit against the monthly magazine Z for publishing allegations that he used cocaine by ex-girlfriend Jannike Bjorling, whom Borg is fighting over custory of his son.

Borg also sued Z for selling T-shirts with the text ''Bjorn Borg Collection'' - an allusion to his fashion empire - with portraits of Ms. Bjorling, former wife Mariana and his current wife Loredana.

He also has sued a gossip weekly for alleging that his relationship has broken up with the Italian rock singer whom he married in September. Mrs. Borg has sued a Swedish magazine for publishing nude pictures of her, TT said.


PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Sylvester Stallone is back in Rocky land filming still another sequel to the come-from-behind boxing movies that made him famous.

Filming started Monday on ''Rocky V,'' focusing on the neighborhood of movie boxing legend Rocky Balboa in South Philadelphia.

The original ''Rocky,'' winner of the 1976 Academy Award for best picture, showed Balboa running through the Italian Market and up the steps of the Art Museum.

Philadelphia was featured less prominently in the sequels, with none of ''Rocky IV'' filmed here.

During the six weeks of filming, Stallone will be joined by Talia Shire, who plays Rocky's devoted wife, Adrian. Burt Young also returns as Paulie, Rocky's supportive but mooching brother-in-law.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Actress Valerie Harper says there's no bad blood, but after winning a lawsuit over her firing from a television show, she's back on the airwaves in a head-to-head time slot.

The former star of ''Valerie,'' the sitcom that fired her for alleged prima donna behavior, returns in the CBS-TV comedy ''City'' on Jan. 29.

She's playing opposite NBC-TV's ''The Hogan Family,'' first called ''Valerie'' and later ''Valerie's Family.'' The show starred Miss Harper until she was fired in 1987 and Sandy Duncan was chosen to replace her.

Miss Harper won $1.4 million for lost wages and another $220,000 went to Harper's husband, Tony Cacciotti, who was the show's co-executive producer. The court also gave the couple profit participation that could total $15 million.

''I really don't feel angry or vindictive or anything toward the people I was involved with at that time,'' Miss Harper said in a recent interview.

But NBC Entertainment head Brandon Tartikoff said CBS brass threw down the gauntlet with the confrontational scheduling.

''I want to win this battle,'' he said in Los Angeles last week.

Miss Harper was in ''The Mary Tyler Moore Show'' and its spinoff ''Rhoda.'' ---

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Comedian Dan Aykroyd of ''Blues Brothers'' fame has pitched in to help a hospital's $3 million fund-raising drive.

The expansion drive by St. Joseph Hospital, called ''We're on a Mission from God,'' takes its name from the catch-phrase of the Blues Brothers in Aykroyd's movie, in which characters played by him and John Belushi raise money to save a Catholic orphanage.

The comedian is allowing use of a photo taken with Sister Annette Crone, chief executive officer of the hospital. It was taken backstage after a Memphis appearance in September.

The photo, in which Aykroyd wears his trademark fedora and dark sunglasses, will be featured on T-shirts, posters and advertisements.

The nun had not heard of the Blues Brothers before, but someone rented her the video after the photo was taken.

''She's an authority on the Blues Brothers now,'' hospital spokeswoman Gail Cobb said Monday.


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) - Elaine LaLanne, wife of the fitness guru, wants couch potatoes to dump the junk food, get off the sofa and keep moving.

''Gravity just brings us down. If we could only stand on our heads all day, we could take care of that,'' Mrs. LaLanne said during a stop in Beverly Hills, first leg of a tour to promote her book ''Fitness After 50 Workout.''

Recalling a favorite LaLanne-ism, Mrs. LaLanne said: ''He who stuffeth, puffeth.''

She gave up her passion for doughnuts when she met Jack nearly 40 years ago. Her husband told her, ''You know, the only thing good about a doughnut is the hole in the middle because it has no calories.''