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HEBRON, West Bank (AP) _ An Israeli helicopter fired missiles on a car in this West Bank city Friday, apparently missing its target but injuring five bystanders, including an 8-year-old boy, witnesses said.

The Israeli military spokesman's office did not immediately comment.

The apparent target was Ziyad Shuweiki of the Islamic Jihad militant group, but witnesses said he parked the car and ran off when he saw the helicopter overhead. No one else apparently was inside the car, which was destroyed. It wasn't immediately clear how many missiles were fired.

Four of the five people injured were in a passing car. The fifth, Ahmed Srayer, 8, was playing nearby when the car was hit and was badly burned, witnesses said.

Hebron and Jericho are the only main West Bank towns still under Palestinian control as Israeli forces continue an offensive against Palestinian militants.

Israel has carried out numerous ``targeted killings'' of Palestinians suspected of anti-Israeli activities, carried out by air or with the use of bombs or snipers. Israel says its attacks on militants, several of which have been publicly acknowledged, are intended to prevent shooting and bombing attacks against its soldiers and civilians.