Developments Monday related to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks:

_ President Bush signs order freezing assets of 27 people and organizations, calling it a strike at financial foundation of terrorists. He demands foreign banks follow America's lead.

_ Government extends grounding of crop-dusting planes through Monday amid fears of biological or chemical attack and indications that suspected hijacker showed interest in crop dusting.

_ Government says all airport workers with access to planes and secure areas must submit to new criminal background checks; wants to reissue IDs.

_ Suspected terror mastermind Osama bin Laden calls on Pakistan's Muslims to fight ``the American crusade.''

_ Russian President Vladimir Putin says nation will intensify support of Afghan opposition forces and is prepared to supply them with weapons and military equipment.

_ Ruling Taliban say they are dispatching 300,000 fighters to defend Afghanistan's borders. United Nations says Taliban threaten to kill U.N. relief workers in Afghanistan.

_ Stocks surge, rebound from one of Wall Street's worst weeks ever.

_ Death toll at World Trade Center rises to 276, missing number 6,453. Death toll at Pentagon remains 189, Pennsylvania crash 44.

_ Attorney General John Ashcroft says 352 people have been arrested or detained in the investigation; another 392 people sought for questioning.