Richard Leebove, spokesman for Carey's challenger, James P. Hoffa, called on Barbara Zack Quindel, the federal official who oversaw the election, to act.

``Our belief is that the criminal complaint is enough evidence for the election officer to remove Ron Carey from office and declare Jim Hoffa the victor,'' Leebove said. ``Any further delay by the election officer in nullifying the results in the 1996 election can only mean she is complicit in a cover-up to protect Ron Carey.''

Quindel's office, which is conducting its own investigation, declined comment.

In an FBI complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, Davis was quoted as telling a confidential witness that the Teamsters knew of a plan to reimburse the wife of a Massachusetts telemarketing company for contributions she made to Carey's campaign.

Barbara Arnold, of Carlisle, Mass., made $95,000 in donations when her husband, Michael Ansara, was doing work for the Teamsters through his telemarketing firm, Share Group Inc.

Ansara's attorney has said Ansara and Arnold have been cooperating with investigators.