MIAMI (AP) _ Former President Richard Nixon was released from the Miami Heart Institute today, two days after he was hospitalized for treatment of a viral infection

Nixon, 73, and his wife, Patricia, planned to fly back to New York, although he wasn't completely recovered from his bout with the flu, Dr. Lewis Elias said.

"He's going to be tired and weak for one or two weeks. He's still coughing,"he said. "But he's making an excellent recovery and he will complete his recuperation at home."

Elias said he had stopped administering antibiotics and told Nixon to rest and stay indoors.

"Mrs. Nixon said they were going back to terrible weather, but they had to get home," Elias said.

Nixon was hospitalized Monday after Elias examined him upon his arrival from the Bahamas. Nixon fell ill last Friday, two days after he joined his friend Charles "Bebe" Rebozo at the exclusive Cat Cay retreat.

Nixon, whose presidency saw the first manned moon landings and final approval for the space shuttle program, was "depressed" by Tuesday's explosion of the space shuttle Challenger, Elias said.

"He still feels terrible. He can't get over it. He said something like that makes you feel ill," Elias said today.

Nixon declined to give interviews, but said "President Reagan has stated his sentiments. He echoed them," Elias said.

Nixon "said this must not keep us for going forward in the space program, especially for peaceful purposes," he added.


VIENNA (AP) - Frankie Avalon, Bobby Rydell and Fabian, South Philadelphia's teen singing idols of the '50s, are reunited in a nationally televised special tonight showing the "Golden Boys of Bandstand" performing again.

The public television program features footage of the now-middle-aged "Golden Boys" performing in a summer concert at Wolf Trap Farm Park in Vienna, a Washington, D.C., suburb.

Avalon, 46; Rydell, 43, and Fabian Forte, 42, who was known only by his first name, had such success with reunion concerts last year that they scheduled two prolonged tours of about 70 performances in 1986.

"I don't think the three of us have been this hyped up in a long time," said a paunchier and grayer Rydell.


LONDON (AP) - Scottish poet Douglas Dunn on Britain's richest literary prize, the $25,900 Whitbread Book of the Year Award.

Dunn, 43, an apprentice and assistant to the late poet Philip Larkin, won the award Tuesday for "Elegies," a collection of poetry inspired by the death of his wife, Lesley, in 1981.


BERLIN (AP) - Hans Georg Schaefer, the director-designate of the Berlin Philharmonic, will take over the orchestra's management March 1, the orchestra says.

Schaefer will be officially introduced by Herbert von Karajan, the famed orchestra's "conductor for life," at a concert Feb. 22, the philharmonic said Tuesday.

Schaefer previously served as conductor and cultural head of a music and performing arts center in Frankfurt.

The directorship was vacated in summer 1984 when Peter Girths resigned after disagreeing with Karajan over a personnel selection.

The director is responsible for the management and program planning of the orchestra, and has no conducting duties.