COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ A television station Friday accidentally broadcast an emergency bulletin, prompting immediate calls from viewers, an official of the station said.

Oran Gough, director of operations for Fox Broadcasting Co. affiliate WTTE, said the bulletin telling viewers to stand by for emergency information ran for about 30 seconds before it was disovered.

''A guy put the wrong tape in the machine,'' Gough said. ''Obviously, we didn't do it on purpose.''

Gough said the message, broadcast during the movie ''Send Me No Flowers,'' is a standard emergency announcement that television stations are required to have as part of the Emergency Broadcast System.

The message includes the phrase ''Stand by for emergency information.''

Gough said the announcement was interrupted when the mistake was discovered, and the station resumed the movie with a superimposed message that the bulletin was broadcast in error.

He said he did not know how many people called the station.

''We got calls from people right after it happened. They wanted to know for sure that it wasn't for real,'' he said.