HULL, Quebec (AP) _ A small plane crashed on to a downtown street Thursday, hitting two parked cars and skidding down a sidewalk before coming to a fiery halt between two trees, witnesses said. The plane's two occupants were killed, but no one on the ground was injured, police said.

The two-seater narrowly missed a large government building and skidded for about 50 yards in Hull, Quebec, a town of 60,000 just across the Ottawa River from Canada's capital, Ottawa, witnesses said.

Steve Gillis, who lives nearby, was getting out of his car when he saw the plane out of the corner of his eye.

``It hit the ground, it slid over, hit the station wagon and kept sliding to where it is now and basically exploded into flames,'' he said.

The cause of the crash wasn't immediately known and the police did not release the names of the dead.

``The only thing that we know is that a plane crashed here ... What kind of plane, where is it from, where was it going, that's unknown for now,'' said Lt. Yves Martel of the Hull police department.