Winners of the 72nd annual National Headliner Awards, sponsored by The Press Club of Atlantic City, N.J., by category, followed by second- and third-place finishers:


Daily Newspapers and News Syndicates

Writing and Reporting

Hurricane Coverage: The Times-Picayune, New Orleans; The Wall Street Journal; Knight Ridder, Washington, D.C.

Spot News: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ``Killer Eludes Cops''; Sun Herald, of Biloxi, Miss., ``Our Tsunami''; New York Daily News, ``Transit Strike.''

News Beat Coverage or Continuing Story: USA Today, Gregg Zoroya, ``Home Front''; Associated Press, Paisley Dodds, ``Guantanamo Exposed''; Detroit Free Press, M.L. Elrick and Jim Schaefer, ``Detroit Mayor Lives Large While City Struggles.''

News Series, circulation up to 75,000: The Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette, Scott M. Finn, ``Brother's Keeper: West Virginia's Mental Health Crisis''; Oakland (Calif.) Tribune, Douglas Fischer, ``A Body's Burden: Our Chemical Legacy''; Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Ontario, Calif., Sara Carter, Brenda Gazzar and Mason Stockstill, ``Beyond Borders.''

News Series, circulation over 75,000: The Orange County (Calif.) Register, Larry Welborn, ``Murder by Suicide''; St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Thomas French, Christopher Goffard and Jamie Thompson, ``The Hard Road: Inside the Jennifer Porter Case''; The Seattle Times, Ray Rivera, ``Suspicion in the Ranks.''

Local Interest Column on a Variety of Subjects: The Times-Picayune of New Orleans, Chris Rose; San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Carroll; The Miami Herald, Leonard Pitts Jr.

Special or Feature Column on One Subject: The Miami Herald, Glenn Garvin, television columns; The News & Observer, of Raleigh, N.C., J. Peder Zane, columns on books and literary culture; The San Diego Union-Tribune, Ruben Navarrette, immigration issues.

Editorial Writing: The (Portland) Oregonian, Rick Attig and Doug Bates, ``Oregon's Forgotten Hospital''; The Birmingham (Ala.) News, Bob Blalock, Joey Kennedy, Robin DeMonia and Eddie Lard, ``Choosing Life in a Death Penalty State''; The Post-Star, Glens Falls, N.Y., Mark Mahoney, ``Fighting for the Citizens.''

Sports Writing: San Francisco Chronicle, Gwen Knapp; The New York Times, Bill Pennington; Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, Tom Archdeacon.

Feature Writing on a Variety of Subjects: St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Kelley Benham; St. Petersburg Times, Lane DeGregory; Chicago Tribune, William Mullen.

Business News Coverage: The News Journal, New Castle, Del., staff, ``MBNA Sale and Follow-Ups''; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Teresa Dixon Murray, ``Personal Finance''; The Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel, staff, ``Disney's New World.''

Education Writing: The Boston Globe, Marcella Bombardieri; The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee, Tony Bizjak, ``Road Scholars''; The Boston Globe, Tracy Jan.

Health/Medical/Science Writing: The Miami Herald, Debbie Cenziper, ``Blind Eye''; The Seattle Times, Sandi Doughton, five stories; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, John Fauber, five stories.

Investigative Reporting: First Place and Grand Award in Print: The Blade, Toledo, Ohio, James Drew, Mike Wilkinson, Steve Eder, Christopher D. Kirkpatrick, Jim Tankersley and Joshua Boak, ``Uncovering Coingate and Ohio's Pay-to-Play Culture''; The San Diego Union-Tribune, Marcus Stern, Union-Tribune staff and Copley News Service staff, ``Randy Duke Cunningham''; The Post and Courier, Charleston, S.C., Glenn Smith and Ron Menchaca, ``Tarnished Badges.''

Public Service: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Deborah L. Shelton, ``Lives on the Line''; The (Baltimore) Sun, Robert Little and Tom Bowman, ``Tourniquets''; Newsday, Melville, N.Y., Elizabeth Moore, Stacey Altherr and Tom McGinty, ``Fire Alarm.''

Editorial Cartoons: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mike Luckovich; The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Ky., Nick Anderson; Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, Mike Peters.


Writing and Reporting

Coverage of a Major News Event: ESPN The Magazine, Peter Keating, Shaun Assael and Jon Pessah, ``Who Knew?''; The Hartford (Conn.) Courant, Anne Farrow, ``Beyond Complicity''; Time, staff, ``An American Tragedy.''

Feature Writing on a Variety of Subjects: Milwaukee Magazine, Kurt Chandler; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Christopher Evans; The Boston Globe, Neil Swidey.

Special Column on One Subject: Newsweek, Anna Quindlen; The Hartford (Conn.) Courant, Jenny Blair, M.D.; U.S. News & World Report, Fouad Ajami.

Photography and Graphics


Spot News Photography: Daytona Beach (Fla.) News-Journal, Roger Simms, ``Jeep Helps Cessna''; St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Ken Helle, ``I Want My Baby''; San Francisco Chronicle, Kim Komenich, ``Tikrit Suicide Bomber Aftermath.''

Feature Photography: Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Todd Heisler, ``Coming Home''; St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, Chris Zuppa, ``The Secret of the Night''; The Philadelphia Inquirer, Peter Tobia, ``Surreal Thing.''

Sports Photography: The Kansas City (Mo.) Star, Shane Keyser, ``Wizards Choke''; The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Brant Sanderlin, ``Tiger Woods Birdie''; The Star-Ledger, Newark, N.J., John Munson, ``Yankees Hit The Wall.''

Magazines, News Services, Syndicates

Spot News Photography: Associated Press, Nabil al-Jurani, ``Burning Warrior''; Associated Press, Jane Mingay, ``Underground Explosions''; Associated Press, Emilio Morenatti, ``Palestinian Boys Hurl Stones.''

Feature Photography: Associated Press, Rajesh Kumar Singh, ``India Cattle Fair''; VII/Time, James Nachtwey, ``Global Health Crisis''; Polaris/Time, Gerard Rancinan, ``Hibakusha.''

Sports Photography: EPA/Sports Illustrated, John G. Mabanglo, ``Head Board''; Associated Press, Charles Krupa, ``Shattered Bat''; LAT Photographic/Sports Illustrated, Phil Rider, ``Hot Wheels.''

Photography Portfolio: St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, John Pendygraft; Houston Chronicle, Melissa Phillip; Austin (Texas) American-Statesman, Matt Rourke.

Photo Essay/Story First Place and Grand Award in Photography: Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Todd Heisler, ``Final Salute''; Time, Christopher J. Capozziello, ``A Diary of Healing''; Associated Press, Tomas Munita, ``Earthquake in Pakistan.''

Hurricane Coverage Photography: The Orange County (Calif.) Register, Bruce Chambers, ``Katrina Victim Rescued''; St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, John Pendygraft, ``Buffeted by Winds''; Houston Chronicle, Melissa Phillip, ``She is Alive.''

Informational Graphics: The (Portland) Oregonian, Steve Cowden; The San Diego Union-Tribune, staff; The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, William Neff.

Illustrative Graphics: The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Andrea Levy; Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, Randy Palmer; San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News, Stephanie Grace Lim.

Online Journalism: Sun Herald, of Biloxi, Miss., and Knight Ridder Digital, staff, ``Hurricane Katrina''; The Roanoke (Va.) Times, Ralph Berrier, Seth Gitner and Kyle Green, ``Going Down the Crooked Road''; Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, staff, ``Flight of Angels.''


Radio Stations

Best Newscast: WTOP, Washington, staff, ``July 7, 2005 Newscast''; KTRH, Houston, Lana Hughes, JP Pritchard, Rick Janacek, KTRH Morning News''; WBAL, Baltimore, Bill Vanko, Anne Kramer, Scott Wykoff, ``Sept. 1, 2005 Newscast.''

Breaking News or Continuing Coverage of a Single News Event: KTRH, Houston, staff, ``BP Plant Explosion''; WBAL-AM, Baltimore, Scott Wykoff, ``The Rafael Palmeiro Steroid Scandal''; WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, Brad Linder, ``Philadelphia Corruption Trial.''

Feature, Human Interest Story, or News Series: WBAL, Baltimore, Scott Wykoff, ``Miracle on 34th Street''; WBAL, Baltimore, John Patti, ``Annie's Playground''; KARN, Little Rock, Ark., Annette Flournoy, ``The State on Meth.''

Documentary or Public Affairs: WTOP, Washington, staff, ``Troubled Waters''; KCBS, San Francisco, Matt Bigler, ``Hired Hands''; WFPL, Louisville, Ky., Heidi Caravan and Stephanie Sanders, ``The Gander Crash _ 20 Years Later.''

Hurricane Coverage: KTRH, Houston, staff, ``Hurricane Rita''; WBAL-AM, Baltimore, Scott Wykoff, ``Katrina's Aftermath''; North Carolina Public Radio-WUNC-FM, Durham, N.C., Leoneda Inge and Brent Wolfe, ``Katrina Volunteer.''

Broadcast Radio Networks and Syndicators

Best Newscast: ABC News Radio, ABC News Team; CBS World News Roundup, Christopher Glenn and Paul Farry; none.

Breaking News or Continuing Coverage of a Single News Event: CBS Radio News, CBS Radio News staff, ``London Bombings''; ABC News Radio, ABC News Radio staff, ``The Death of Pope John Paul II''; Great Lakes Radio Consortium, Ann Arbor, Mich., Lester Graham, Mark Brush and Rebecca Williams; ``Ten Threats to the Great Lakes.''

Feature, Human Interest Story or News Series: ABC News Radio, Linda Albin, ``Pullout from Gaza: On the Inside''; Great Lakes Radio Consortium, Ann Arbor, Mich., Mark Brush, ``Up Close and Personal with a Prairie Fire''' CBS Radio News, New York, Barry Petersen, ``Tsunami.''

Documentary or Public Affairs: First Place and Grand Award in Radio: The Stanley Foundation, of Muscatine, Iowa, with KQED Public Radio, of San Francisco, David Brancaccio, Simon Marks, Keith Porter and Kristin McHugh, ``Security Check: Confronting Today's Global Threats''; CBS Radio News Roundup, New York, Barry Bagnato, ``Social Security''; ABC News Radio, New York, Ryan Kessler, Steve Jones and Cheri Preston, ``Perspective.''

Hurricane Coverage: CBS Radio News, CBS Radio News staff, ``Hurricane Katrina''; ABC News Radio, ABC News Radio staff, ``Hurricane Katrina''; Lichtenstein Creative Media, Cambridge, Mass., Bill Lichtenstein, June Peoples and John Hockenberry, ``Hurricane Katrina: The Road to Recovery.''

Broadcast or Cable Television Stations

Best Newscast: KIRO, Seattle, Helen Swenson, ``KIRO-7 Eyewitness News''; WJW, Cleveland, Bill Sheil, Greg Easterly, Andy Fishman and Jessica Bates, ``10 p.m. Newscast''; WTAE, Pittsburgh, Richard Cook, Roberta Petterson and Matthew Hilk, ``Action News at 5.''

Coverage of a Breaking News Event: KIRO, Seattle, Helen Swenson and staff, ``Eastside Pursuit''; KPNX, Phoenix, Garrett Wichmann, Mike Warner, ``MLK Fights''; WTAE, Pittsburgh, Tricia Drzal, Roberta Petterson, Bob Longo, ``Downtown Under Water.''

Continuing Coverage of a Single News Event: WJW, Cleveland, Bill Sheil, Jack Shea and Bill Martin, ``Kids in Cages: The Untold Story''; WTAE, Pittsburgh, Bob Longo, Matthew Hilk and Roberta Petterson, ``Towboat Tragedy''; WSMV, Nashville, Tenn., Nancy Amons, Zina Bauman, Cam Cornelius and Dave Brasells, ``Guardrails.''

Feature, Sports or Human Interest Story: KDFW, Dallas, Steve Noviello, Jeremy Pollard and Michael Tew, ``Wingman''; WTAE, Pittsburgh, Wendy Bell, Eric Hinnebusch and Kendall Cross, ``Crazy Cure-Alls''; WTHR, Indianapolis, Scott Swan and Steve Rhodes, ``I'm Not Missing Anything.''

Public Service: CLTV, Chicago, Bob Arya, ``Uniform Concerns''; WEWS, Cleveland, Duane Pohlman, Dorian Thompson and Dave Arnold, ``Dumping on Ohio''; KTVT, Dallas, Dr. Mona Khanna, Kent Chapline and Steve Maudlin, ``Diagnosis Cancer: How to Find Your Way.'' Documentary or Series of Reports: First Place and Grand Award in Television: WCCO, Minneapolis, Tom Aviles, Lino Rulli and David Schechter, ``The Last Flagraiser''; News 12 Long Island, Woodbury, N.Y., Virginia Huie, Dave Garden and Brian Endres, ``Last Letters Home''; News 12 New Jersey, Edison, N.J., Walt Kane, Bill Schlosser and Anthony Cocco, ``Rebuilding Asbury Park.''

Investigative Reporting: WJW, Cleveland, Tom Merriman, Mark DeMarino and Dave Hollis, ``School Bus Bloat''; KIRO, Seattle, Chris Halsne, Bill Benson and David Weed, ``Brains For Sale''; KGO, San Francisco, Dan Noyes, Beth Ramsey and Lynn Friedman, ``The Body Show.''

Business and Consumer Reporting: WNBC, New York, Chuck Scarborough, Emily Smolar, Brian Quinn and John Gonzalez, ``Santiago Solution?''; KIRO, Seattle, Wayne Havrelly, Bob Branom and Brian Doerflinger, ``Charity Abuse''; CBS 5, San Francisco, CBS 5 Consumer Watch, ``On The Hook.''

Health Reporting: WTAE, Pittsburgh, Jim Parsons, Kendall Cross and Mike Lazorko, ``Dying to Breathe''; KCTV, Kansas City, Kan., Carolyn Long, Ken Ullery and Sam Zeff, ``Hospital Costs''; KING, Seattle, Joan Kinsey, Jean Enersen, ``Breast Cancer: Winning the Battle.''

Broadcast Television Networks, Cable Networks and Syndicators

Best Newscast: NBC ``Nightly News'' with Brian Williams, ``Hurricane Katrina: New Orleans in Turmoil''; CNN, ``Paula Zahn Now: Jet Blue Plane/Toronado/Hurricane Rita''; none.

Coverage of a Major News Event: ABC News ``Good Morning America,'' ``Tsunami Zone''; NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, ``London Terror Bombings''; NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, ``The Death of Pope John Paul II.''

Continuing Coverage of a Major News Event: NBC ``Nightly News'' with Brian Williams, ``Tsunami: A Disaster Unfolds''; NBC ``Nightly News,'' ``The Pakistan Earthquake''; CNN, ``Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports: From the Quake Zone.''

Feature, Sports or Human Interest Story: ABC News ``Good Morning America,'' ``You Changed My Life''; ABC News: Primetime Live, ``Talking to Animals''; CNN, ``A Lesson Before Dying.''

Documentary or Series of Reports: CNN Presents, ``Autism is a World''; MSNBC, ``Coming Home''; CNN Presents, ``Egypt: A Test Case for Democracy.''

Investigative Reporting: ABC News ``20/20,'' ``Cruelty to Owners''; NBC ``Nightly News,'' ``The Terror Money Trail''; CNN, ``Ford Fires.''

News Magazine Program: ABC News ``20/20,'' ``Crystal Meth 911''; ABC News ``20/20,'' ``Where Do They Belong'', California Connected, Marley Klaus, ``California Connected.''

Business and Consumer Reporting: NOW on PBS, ``The Broken Promise''; CNN, ``Paula Zahn Now: Generic Drugs''; Bloomberg News, ``GM Retooling an American Icon.''

Hurricane Coverage: NBC ``Nightly News'' with Brian Williams, ``After the Storm: The Long Road Back''; CNN, ``Hurricane Katrina and the Aftermath''; NBC ``Nightly News'' with Brian Williams, ``Hurricane Katrina Coverage.''

Health Reporting: CNN, ``Killer Flu: A Breath Away''; CNN, ``Memory''; CNN, ``Anatomy of a Murder.''