NEW YORK (AP) _ The pastor of the church where Jessica Hahn once worked was interrupted midway through a service by two investigators who slapped him with a subpoena.

New York Newsday reported today that the subpoena, delivered Tuesday to the Rev. Gene Profeta, pastor of the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church in Massepequa, seeks a variety of church financial records from the past four years.

Miss Hahn had worked as a secretary at the church until reports surfaced in March of her sexual encounter with PTL founder Jim Bakker seven years ago. Bakker subsequently lost his ministry.

After receiving his subpoena Tuesday, Profeta vowed to fight it.

''We are not going to present the grand jury with any papers from your church,'' he told the 150 worshippers when he returned to the pulpit.

A spokesman for Attorney General Robert Abrams refused to comment, saying he could not discuss an ongoing criminal investigation.

In April, authorities served Profeta with another subpoena demanding that he turn over income information about Miss Hahn to review whether she paid taxes on the $265,000 settlement she made after complaining to PTL officials about her liaison with Bakker.

Miss Hahn reportedly received about $20,000 of a $115,000 cash settlement and until March had received $500 monthly interest payments on an additional $150,000. The monthly payments were cut off after Bakker revealed the incident.

State officials found no wrongdoing in Miss Hahn's tax forms but an unidentified source familiar with the case told Newsday that the officials received other information about Profeta's financial operation of the church that prompted them to ask the attorney general to open an investigation.

Profeta said he had nothing to hide.