CRANS MONTANA, Switzerland (AP) _ Olympic super-G champion Picabo Street took a spill in the final World Cup downhill of the season today and broke a leg.

Street had come back less than six months ago from a serious knee injury to score her Olympic victory.

The American skier was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Sion, where a doctor said she had fractured her left femur. It was her left knee that was injured last season and sidelined her earlier this year.

The event's doctor, Patrick Vouilloz, said Street would be operated later today. No other information on her condition was immediately available.

The race was called off shortly after Street was air-lifted off the course.

Gian Franco Kasper, general secretary of the International Ski Federation, said he believed Street fell because she ``made a mistake'' and not because of the course conditions.

He said she came off a jump near the top of the course, lost her balance and leaned too far back. As she landed the jump she tried to move herself back into position, but couldn't, he said. She then flew into the protective netting on the side of the course.

Street grabbed her leg and screamed, he said.

Kasper said Street's crash resembled the one she took in Vail, Colo., at the start of the 1996 _ the crash that forced her to miss nearly all of last season and the start of this season.

The downhill race had been rescheduled repeatedly for two days to finally begin when fog lifted this afternoon. The men's race went off without crashes, then the women started.