PITTSBURGH (AP) _ A Pittsburgh bank is giving Steelers fans a chance to generate a little interest in their football team, offering certificates of deposit with interest rates pegged on the team's performance.

''Nothing would make us happier than to see the Steelers go undefeated and win the Super Bowl,'' said Harry Miller, Equibank senior vice president for marketing. ''It would cost us some money, but we would love to see it happen.''

The CDs, offered Monday through Sept. 6, start with a rate that mirrors a regular six-month certificate.

For each Steelers win during the 16-game regular season, the rate will increase 0.1 percentage point. For each loss, the rate will drop 0.1 percentage point, but never below the initial rate.

A conference championship game would add 0.25 percentage point and if the Steelers win their fifth Super Bowl, an additional 0.25 of a percentage point would be added.

An undefeated season would boost the initial rate 2.3 percentage points.

As of Tuesday, Equibank was paying 6.35 percent on six-month certificates.

All the Black and Gold certificates mature the week after the Jan. 25 Super Bowl. Paul Wentzel Jr., executive assistant for the state Department of Banking, said he doubted the new offer runs counter to any laws.

But, he said, ''The way the Steelers have been going, I wouldn't want to bet my interest on their record.''

Last season, the Steelers compiled a 7-9 record.


DALLAS (AP) - After Live Aid, Band Aid, Farm Aid and Comic Relief, the debt-ridden Mr. Ed Fan Club has decided to boost its finances with a salute to the world's only talking horse: ''Live Ed.''

Thursday's benefit scheduled at a Dallas nightclub will feature videotapes of the old black and white comedy series as well as Alan Young, Mr. Ed's co- star.

''I don't have any act that I do,'' said Young, who played the scatter- braine d young architect who was the only human Ed would talk to. ''I used to ride Ed, but he's dead. So that leaves me standing alone.''

Mister Ed, whose voice was that of former western star Allan ''Rocky'' Lane, died in 1972. Young, who now lives outside Los Angeles and does voices for Disney movies and the cartoon ''Smurfs.''

''We're expecting a sellout, and capacity is 700 people,'' said, Paul Burnett, who says he founded the club in 1974 before he'd ever seen the program to have an ''original-sounding return address to impress friends with.''

He later started a newsletter called ''The Horse's Mouth.'' The club had 1,000 members as of 1984, and Burnett says he is installing the official Museum of Ed at the Irving record store where he is an assistant manager.

He says his next project will be a short concert tour through the Southwest called - of course - ''Hooves Across America.''