WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is canceling a trip to Asia to stay in Washington and push for an elusive funding bill to end a federal government shutdown entering its fourth day.

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Treasury Department warns that the economy could plunge into a downturn worse than the Great Recession if Congress fails to raise the federal borrowing limit and the country defaults on its debt obligations. A default could cause the nation's credit markets to freeze, the value of the dollar to plummet and U.S. interest rates to skyrocket, according to the Treasury report. By Martin Curtsinger.


SANTIAGO, Chile — The anonymous death in a Santiago nursing home of a former U.S. Navy officer wanted for the 1973 murder of two Americans in a case that inspired the Oscar-winning film "Missing" is generating red faces in Chile and doubts in the United States. By Luis Andres Henao and Eva Vergara.


MIAMI — The U.S. government has dropped its opposition to releasing a Guantanamo Bay prisoner with severe mental and physical illnesses, apparently conceding the argument that he is far too sick to keep locked up at the U.S. base in Cuba. By Ben Fox. AP Photo.


WASHINGTON — A federal grand jury indicts 13 members of the Internet hacking group Anonymous for allegedly carrying out cyber-attacks worldwide, including targets that refused to process payments for WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website founded by Julian Assange. By Pete Yost.


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The man whose research team discovered the Titanic shipwreck is now leading a mission to investigate major faults and underwater volcanoes in the northern and eastern Caribbean to collect information that could help manage natural disasters. By Danica Coto.

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HAVANA, Cuba — Some say it could be something in the water. Others point to a tree with mystical significance for locals. Maybe it's just chance. But neighbors all marvel at the 12 sets of twins living along two consecutive blocks in western Havana, ranging in age from newborns to senior citizens. By Andrea Rodriguez.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter, a privately held company built on blurbs, has finally laid itself bare in documents that read more like a treatise than a tweet. The roughly 800-page filing Twitter Inc. released on its way to an eagerly anticipated IPO contains tantalizing tidbits about its growth and its attempts to make money from its influential short messaging service. By Michael Liedtke.

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While Miley Cyrus has a batch of critics, there is a group rallying behind her and praising her as a vital talent: rappers. Pharrell produced several songs on Cyrus' new album. She has been featured on the latest albums from Snoop Lion and Big Sean requested her as the star of his "Fire" music video. And to top it off, Kanye West invited her to appear on the remix to "Black Skinhead," his anti-racism rant from his eerie and dark "Yeezus" album. By Mesfin Fekadu.

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