WASHINGTON (AP) _ From the manuscript of George Washington's inaugural speech to television ads for soft drinks, the Library of Congress has 5 million items online from its collection of books and records to tell the world digitally about U.S. history.

The figure meets a goal the library set in 1994 to celebrate its bicentennial.

The 5 million images belong to a project called ``American Memory,'' available at http://www.loc.gov, which computer users contact more than 18 million times a month. It includes 91 programs with titles such as ``Baseball Cards: 1997-1914'' and ``American Indians of the Pacific Northwest.''

Film depictions of U.S. presidents begin with Grover Cleveland and include Theodore Roosevelt, the first to have his life recounted in detail on film. Official papers of Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln can be consulted for research.

``American Memory'' is a public-private partnership, $15 million appropriated by Congress and private donations estimated at $45 million. Coca-Cola recently contributed 50 years of its television ads.