WASHINGTON (AP) _ Israel embassy officials paid $62,870 in parking fines to the District of Columbia after Congress passed legislation holding back aid to countries that don't pay the fines, federal officials said.

The State Department and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee announced Monday that the embassy had paid the fines, the first embassy to act under the new law.

A rider attached to the foreign relations appropriations bill required countries receiving aid to pay the fines or have the amount of the fines plus 10 percent penalty deducted from their aid package.

Israel receives about $3 billion annually in economic and military aid from the United States.

The Israeli payment was a fraction of the amount owed by the former Soviet Union: $3.8 million in outstanding tickets.

The Nigerian Embassy is second-highest with $77,830 in outstanding fines. ''Parking in the District is a real problem, a difficult problem,'' said Mohammed Sani, spokesman for the Nigerian Embassy. ''We do not park on fire hydrants. The bulk of the tickets are for expired meters. We are not parked at places wrongly. There is just nowhere to park.''